Week One Complete – Full Body Reset

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I’ve been silent on the reset since day two for several reasons but primarily because it felt like I was blogging simply for the sake of blogging.  That’s not what my intention of this blog is.  I really only want to share my thoughts, experiences, issues and such when I feel it makes sense – and those first two posts on the reset weren’t making sense to me. Instead I’ll attempt to give a weekly synopsis of how the previous week went. 

Yesterday was the end of week one – Reclaim.  With the exception of the Alkalinize supplement I am pleased with the program so far.  The first 3 days were somewhat rough – dealing with the change in eating frequency, not drinking coffee and the reduction in protein in my diet.  I dealt with brain fog and subtle headaches that were just noticeable enough to be annoying but not severe enough to knock me out of commission.

The first couple of days I was hungry a lot and often – it took every bit of willpower not to dig into a bag of Doritos or eat a handful of chocolate chips. By day four those hunger pains subsided and I can make it more than ten minutes without fixating on food.  You don’t realize how much you do this until you force yourself not to eat so often and so much.

One of my biggest concerns going into this was avoiding animal protein – I mean I’m a meat eater!!  But I have not eaten a single piece of meat since last Thursday and to be honest, I haven’t missed it.  I still want it but the meals I have made have kept me satisfied enough that I am not really noticing the lack of beef, chicken or pork on my plate.

Speaking of meals – the ones prescribed in the program are pretty good.  The issue I am having is the lack of planning or guidance given in the materials on when certain meals are coming – it almost feels as if the menu’s are random or at least out-of-order.  To UR’s defense it does say you don’t have to follow the menu’s in order – but when it tells you to eat Lentil-Lime salad one day it doesn’t tell you to “make enough today cause you can eat this for lunch tomorrow”.  I know, I know  a little advance reading would help resolve that issue.

More importantly some of the meal suggestions don’t make sense or appeal to me.  For example – Miso soup for breakfast?  I’ve long been a big proponent of “any food any time”, but I was not able to put down the Miso soup at 7AM.  Also in an attempt to offer variety the program has you eating something different almost everyday.  Somethings are repeated but I’m a creature of habit and I am perfectly happy eating the same thing for breakfast 5 out of 7 days a week so I am modifying the menu plan to suit my style but staying within the choices given.

Right now my I’m eating a fruit plate every morning with a salad for lunch and only dinner changes.  Depending on what dinner is will sometimes changes my lunch if I have leftovers.  Now that I am in week two this looks to be a good meal plan as I am no longer eating animal proteins, dairy or grains.  Rice is still available and so are beans and nuts which is good.  And of course all the veggies and fruit I can handle!

I have missed my morning coffee.  But I think I realized that it wasn’t the coffee I was missing – it was just the warm drink.  There is something comforting with drinking a warm drink – peaceful I guess is the best way to describe it. Since herbal tea is allowed I have added a cup once in a while between breakfast and lunch.

So far so good.  Week two started today – which is the Detox week.  Adding an extra supplement (called Detox) which is intended to “cleanse, restore, and reset your intestinal ecosystem”.  It is not supposed to force your body into a release where you are running to bathroom doing the duck walk – thankfully.  One full day of taking the supplement and I have had no urge yet.  Fingers crossed that continues.

Week One Status Report

Weight: 205 lbs (-4.2 lbs.)
Waist: 43″ (-1″)
Hip: 41.5″ (-.5″)
Body Fat: 28% (-1%)


Tommy D


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