Some places just pull us there. Places that seem to call our name and feel like a home away from home. New York City is one of those places for me. As a native New Yorker (albeit from upstate…waaaay upstate) I feel a special kinship with New York City. Say whatever negative things you may about the city, but I find it hard not to be mesmerized by the diversity of its people, the incredible eclectic possibilities of the food and the never-ending opportunities to explore a city with so much to offer.

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On Saturday June 8, 2013 my little girl graduated from high school. I made this video for her and we showed it to family and friends during her graduation party. Enjoy!

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“Remember when the TV used to get fuzzy and go all crazy when your Mom used the mixer or a blender? Good times.” ~ Tom

Being Creative

May 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

Some know I have a “creative” side – so I’m sharing some of the things I have created that I like and I have updated my digitally me page with the images below.  Enjoy!