No Power!

March 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

No PowerYet another winter is coming to a close here in North Carolina and while it does not compare to the winters when I was younger back in Syracuse – the last two months have been challenging for the Tar Heel state. For the most part that means no school for kids at the slightest threat of inclement weather and depending on where you live it can mean a loss of power.

Today we had a fairly debilitating ice storm.  Around where I live it did not actually cause issues with our roads but it coated every limb and every remaining leaf still on the trees.  Which as you can imagine can lead to only one thing…power outages.

First my power went out around 1am and was back by 4am.  The overnight power outages I think are easier to deal with as we’re all in bed and we can keep warm and don’t need anything we’re normally used to from our plugged in life.  The power was still on when we got up to do our school morning routine and as I was driving Jordan to school the amount of ice on the trees was both beautiful and troubling.  I was amazed that there were not more trees down along our route to her school.  Many of them were bending so low the lower branches nearly touched the ground. I knew it was only of matter of time before the power would be out again.

Sure enough…by the time I returned home…the house was dark and silent.

As someone who works from home and who is greatly dependent on the internet and power to do his job – no power puts quite a restriction on my day.

This isn’t a big revelation, but every time it happens I can’t help but think about how dependent I am (we all are) to power. I live on a well as my source for water so no power equals no running water, which also means no flushing toilets.  Have you ever tried to not go to the bathroom when you know you can’t?

Working through a power outage and notice\ing how important power is to all of us doesn’t change how most of us react after the power returns.  Usually it is met with a sigh of relief or even a cheer and then we go right back to consuming as much power as we can.

Till the next outage…


Tommy D


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