Maybe The Time Has Finally Come

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We The People

You know I don’t pass things along…especially anything on politics…but this just makes sense to me.

I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you are on or where you stand on any particular issue – it does not matter with this. The only thing that matters is that we as citizens fight to take the improper influence that big money has on our political system and obliterate it. Campaign finance reform as we know it has failed us and if anything it is rampantly worse. Right now our political beliefs do not matter because the “elected” officials are not responsible to the American people and their interests. They are forever indebted to the person/corporation/super PAC that gives them the most money to get elected.

Obviously I can’t tell you this will change anything – but in a rare moment 53,000+ Americans, including myself, have stood up and said we want to fight to make a change. 53,000+ Americans and over $7,000,000 of their own money have come together to create a “crowdfunded Super PAC to end all Super PACs”.

Mayday PAC

This is an experiment in the 2014 campaign – I encourage you to check it out

From the website:

The funders of campaigns are holding our democracy hostage.

We need a Congress that will fundamentally change the way elections are funded, and through that change, reduce the stranglehold of big money in our politics.

The reform we support will eliminate the conflict of interest between Congress’s duty to serve the people and incentive to serve the funders by making the citizens the funders — Citizen-Funded Campaigns.

Through citizen-funded campaigns we can get Congress working for us again, without restricting anyone’s right to free speech. (Or, for that matter, expensive speech.) We would not need to replace the sitting Justices of the Supreme Court or amend the Constitution… at least not to get the basic machinery of government working again.

It’s time we took our country’s government back through representatives that are willing and able to represent the wishes of the people and make fundamental changes to our campaign system so that those in Washington and in every state and local government can no longer be corrupted by big money donors on both sides.

This is not a democrat thing.

This is not a republican thing.

This is an American thing.

Tommy D


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