Hitting The Reset Button- A Full Body Reset

October 31, 2012 — 2 Comments

hit-the-reset-buttonI mentioned the other day that I will be starting a new journey in my quest for better health by completing a full body reset also known as a full body cleanse.  I have done some research and have decided to follow Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset program. 

The cliff notes version is a diet and nutrient program that over 21 days allows your body to “reset” and cleanse itself of all the toxins it has stored up over the years.  One of the many things I have read while researching this is that our bodies are actually pretty amazing machines and do this function daily for us already.  So why would anyone need a program then if our bodies already do this?

As good as our bodies are at doing this we make it pretty hard for it to keep up.  Between all the environmental toxins we breathe, eat and absorb into our bodies every day and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, makes it very difficult for a natural detox.  What the Ultimate Reset purports to do by changing your diet and balancing out some essential elements and minerals is allows the body to focus on this detox process it is already very good at.

Some of what I’ll be eating during the Ultimate Reset.

So I will be first eliminating meats and dairy from my diet during the first week – which in and of itself will be a challenge.  Thankfully I love fruit and veggies because I will be eating a lot of them over the next 21 days.

During this program I will try to keep a daily log of how it is going here on my blog to chronicle this next step in my journey.

Tomorrow is Day 1!

Tommy D


2 responses to Hitting The Reset Button- A Full Body Reset

  1. Good for you, Tom. At least by starting now, in 21 days you won’t have passed Thanksgiving. Otherwise, you’d be knee-deep in tofurkey.

    • Thanks Jeremy – so you see the method to my madness!! Actually it may still make it tough as you are not supposed to jump right back into eating anything and everything – even if it is turkey, mashed potatoes et al. But I think a little won’t hurt. I hope.

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