Do You Remember Your Twenties?

March 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

Sore Joints

Playing golf the other day I hit a particularly nice tee shot on the 17th hole – a 165 yard par 3 – that landed softly on the green.  Now that in and of itself is a rare accomplishment and possible worthy of its own post but not the subject of this one.

After watching my drive land safely on the dance floor, I bent over to retrieve my tee from the ground and some involuntary (and not so involuntary) sounds emanated from several different body parts and I groaned and moaned as if I was 90 years old.  What the heck!! All I was doing was picking up a tee!

Now it’s not uncommon after 17 holes of golf to have some fatigue, maybe some aches and pains too, but for some reason the sounds were more than they probably should have been. Some of it has to do with not being in good shape but a lot of it has to do with just getting old.

This got me thinking. Did I feel any of this as a twenty-something or even as a thirty-something?  To be honest I don’t remember.  I’m certain that I didn’t creak and groan in my twenties or thirties because I was in better condition and my body was just younger. But what hit me is that I have no recollection of how my body felt during those years.  The only thing I can recall is what I know today. All the little aches and all the creaks, what gets sore and how makes them sore.

Don’t get me wrong I think I’m still young – only 45 – or at least my mind thinks I’m still young. The body though, well it has a few more creaks, a few more pops and groans then it used to.

Tommy D


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