Challenging Myself

March 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

Challenge MyselfThe last year of my life I labeled “The year of Tom!” (cue Seinfeld reference). It was my 44th year – which all die-hard Syracuse fans understand is a meaningful number – and that spurred me to expect great things and make “The year of Tom!” the best one yet. Looking back – my 44th year was incredible.

I watched my oldest daughter graduate from high school, start a new chapter as I dropped her off at college and she announced to the world that she had found her hearts partner by getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend of four years. My youngest daughter started her sophomore year in high school, picked up her permit to drive and even started to “date” (God help me!). These events alone would have been enough to call last year fulfilling but there was more.

Last February I meet an amazing woman who, with her two young children, has added a brightness to my life that I had not expected. In the short year that we have been together she has expanded my mind, challenged by hardened opinions, loved me for me and given me a renewed purpose to the things that I do. We traveled often this past year, taking in New York City, seeing Niagara Falls and visiting Las Vegas and I know there is more on the horizon. She means the world to me and I am a lucky man to have them all in my life.

So what’s next now that “The Year of Tom!” is over? Now I am just 45…just another number…no special meaning. Can I top my 44th year? Is it even possible?

You bet it is.

One thing I didn’t do last year was challenge myself enough. The year before I started running and even ran in my first 5K. I had great plans to run in more last year and even wanted to try a 10K but I didn’t make it. Oh I had my list of excuses and whynots – but the reality is I found other things that were more important and simply became lazy. It was always easier not to do the things that took effort and I feel into a trap. “There’s always tomorrow.” I kept telling myself and before you knew it January 1st 2014 came and went.

Well I am putting my foot down. And tomorrow is today!

Today I am challenging myself.

First, I will be suspending some things from my everyday activities while adding others that I hope have more value. Along with my daughter Jordan – we are both giving up some of our social “addictions”. For me that is Facebook and Twitter. I am not a huge poster to either but I still spend a lot of time following and reading what others are doing. I am not giving up either of these because I think they dominate my day-to-day – but they are a distraction and part of this effort is to find the things that distract me the most from the things I want to do and change or eliminate them

Side note: If you came to this post from Facebook or Twitter – I will be letting my blog posts continue to publish on both but I will not be logging into either for the next 40 days.

I also will be attempting to post on my blog once a day and spend an hour reading a book every day. I intend to wake up by 6am every day to give myself time to work on both or possibly another activity such as running or working out. I will also start running again with the goal of running a 5K by May 2014.

I am stating these goals and intentions here as you would expect – to hold myself accountable. During the coming weeks I expect more challenges and changes as I reflect on my everyday activities. I’ll share those as I come to them.

Wish me luck.

Tommy D


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