Between The Rain Drops

February 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

rainThe other day was one of those days that makes many people feel depressed, sad and just plain gloomy. Which is understandable considering the gray skies, damp cold temperatures and the general perceived dreariness.  Whenever there are days like this it reminds me of something my father wrote in a letter to my oldest daughter Shannon, on the day she was born…

It’s raining this early, dark morning, Shannon Marie.  It’s as though God is washing away all the yesterdays. Just for you he’s giving us a fresh clean world.

Some would just shrug off those words as simply positive thinking at a time when he was full of the hope, pride and love that a new-born tends to impart on those around them.  Had that day not been his grand-daughters birth day would he have felt the same? Knowing my father – yes he would. Maybe not in such a reflective way but he would see the good in what others sometimes see only as dark and depressing. I think it’s far easier to allow those feelings of gloom to take over your psyche then it is to find the bright spot even when it may not literally be there.

I have a painting that he brought home from Thailand after he was stationed there.  Not really sure how I ended up with it – other than I’ve always liked it and it’s followed me ever since I moved out of my parents home over twenty years ago.


Many people have not been able to find what’s depicted in the painting – and it may be up for interpretation – but I have always seen several people walking in the rain with umbrella’s and one person is wearing a yellow raincoat.  What that is supposed to represent is up to each of us but to me it is has always meant that there are still bright moments in even the darkest times.

We sometime need to make our own happiness and allow ourselves the opportunity to feel good despite how the rest of the world may be acting.  If we are able to find more of these moment’s of brightness and see between the rain drops I believe you start to change your mindset and then these otherwise gloomy days of rain become days filled with joy and opportunity.

I’ve talked here before about how things in my life are changing and how I am growing as a person. As I drove around that day and remembered my fathers letter I realized that the rain was offering me the opportunity to “wash away all the yesterdays”.  God was giving me a “fresh clean world” to let go of the gloomy, dreary parts of my past that remained so I could make room for something brighter…something wonderful.

Tommy D


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