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February 24, 2015 — Leave a comment


Blogging on a consistent basis is tough.  You can tell, as it’s been almost a year since my last post.

Spending time on a new hobby is tougher.  Such as with my want to learn iPhoneography…until today the last photo I shared was last July.

Continually progressing with my running is the toughest.  RunKeeper tells me I last ran in April 2014.

I guess – as the saying goes – if it were easy then everyone would be doing it…all the time.

Many reasons, many things, many excuses are available for me to use as the reason I’ve not accomplished some things. And many of the things that I missed the mark on – I will account for as goals not met.  Yet others are simply me realizing something about myself…I get bored with things.  Even things that interest me.  Which means that I often put down something that has occupied my attention for the next new shiny bauble.

Lately that has meant traveling with my beautiful girlfriend, Jill and a recent attempt to master my current favorite pastime….craps.  Hopefully you read that right – my new favorite pastime is not crap but rather the game of Craps.  The often intimidating, sometimes high energy gamble of tossing two 3/4″ pieces of cellulose acetate down a 12′ table.  I have spent hours, reading, practicing (yes you can practice craps – think golf) and playing my favorite game in any casino I can get to.  Because I enjoy the art of gambling – and I am doing well enough – I don’t see this trend changing any time soon.  It is very much like golf for me and it is something I will probably always take part in and always look to  master.

So with this new-found passion why am I returning to my blog and other activities that had peaked my interest before?  A simple reason really – I never stopped having an interest in blogging, iPhoneography and running – I just lost focus or, as often happens with me, I didn’t have anything I felt was worthy of creating or I wasn’t inspired.  I actually have continued to write – albeit less often and not on this blog – as I take part in a forum with others looking to master the game of craps and have been writing reviews from our recent travels.  I may start sharing them here too.

But a recent trip to watch Jill’s daughter as she took her swimming lesson the other weekend – led Jill to find a flyer pitching a 5 weeks to 5K program that piqued her interest.  By the time the swimming lesson was over we had committed to each other to prepare ourselves to run a 5K together in April.  And with that one decision…


Here I am again, writing a new blog post, I took my first close-up photo with my iPhone in almost a year and I am planning my training program to get back to running and be ready to run that 5K.  So here we go again.  The biggest difference this time is that there is no “long-term” expectation for me.  I may do these things everyday for a few months or sporadically when the mood strikes me and then stop again.  But it will be because it fit with what I am doing and not because I was trying to fill a quota or meet a certain criteria.

Time to get going….again.

(photo by Tom Dwyer Photography)

Tommy D


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