An Overdue Recap

December 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

OK – so I’m terrible at this journaling/blogging thing. I haven’t posted since the end of week #2 of the full body reset I was on.  Some of it is lack of  motivation, part of if it is lack of focus but mostly it’s because if I don’t “feel” it I don’t do it.

So I guess I’m kind of feeling it now. 

The Full Body Reset
The reset went great – I’m down 13.2 lbs (to 196)  and lost 2″ around the waist (to 42″).  My body fat also dropped from 29% (ugg!) to 24%!  I still have a long way to go as far as my weight and overall physical well-being but I think I achieved my goal to create a new platform to build off.  I am actually keeping many of the habits in place – more fruits & vegetables, the occasional coffee and more lean proteins. My new weight goal is 180 by 2/28 – that’s another 16 lbs to go.

The reset itself was an interesting experience.  I don’t know if anything actually changed other than the physical things I can report because I have never done this before and have nothing to compare it to.  But I definitely noticed some changes and differences during and since the reset that I’ll be looking to confirm at some other point.

One thing in particular that I noticed was a perception of a “relaxed digestive system”.  I don’t know if this is even physically possible but I had the sensation during the later part of the 21 day reset – what I can only describe as a calmness in my belly.  I am sure this is due to being on a pure vegan diet for 14 days and not needing my body to digest the carbohydrates and animal protein I normally consume.  I won’t be converting to a 100% vegan diet anytime soon.  But many vegan principals will now color my eating habits.

Would I recommend anyone try a full body reset?  Yes…with several asterisks.  It’s not for everyone and you have to be able to dedicate yourself to an eating routine that is way outside what most of us are used to.  If you have a significant other, roommates or kids and you do this alone it will be even harder.   I did not subject my daughters to the eating plan in full but they did eat some of the same things I was.  I still made them proteins like chicken and lean meats which made it difficult at times but not always.  Also eating out is an adventure – I would often have to eat of the Sides menu at most restaurants – Panera Bread was the only place we want to that actually had  vegan options on their everyday menu.

But with the right mindset – resetting your body is well worth the effort.

What’s Next?
I wanted to start Insanity on 11/26 but work had me on the road since I ended the reset and with holiday obligations and traveling back to the ‘Cuse  at the end of the year – my new start date is 01/07/13.

Started running again this week (3 – 1 mile jogs) just to get the legs working again.  I have already registered for a 10K in June and will be running at least 2 5Ks between now and then.  Full race training will start in March.

Tommy D


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