10K Training in Limbo

March 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

running-horizonI have done a poor job of staying on track so far with my training for the 10K in June.  I am behind by 2 weeks according to the plan I’m using and I am facing the 5K in April with less than 4 weeks of available time to get in any measurable training effort.  I am not as concerned though as maybe I should be for a couple of reasons.

First – I am at a weight that is 15 lbs less than my first 5K and 10 lbs less than the last one so I am starting from a much healthier place than last year.  Second – when I have been able to run this year my times have far exceeded my expectations and are faster than any times I ran last year. It’s not just the times that have been better either but also the difference in my conditioning has surprised me.  Part of that is attributable to the healthier choices in the food department but the most obvious is adding cardio conditioning back on January 1st.

I’ve followed the Insanity workout program and while I have not done the complete program (I did do it completely for the first 3 weeks) I weaved into what was setup as my off running days.  So even though I have not been running I still have kept up on the cardio development.  At first I was completing the workouts but I didn’t feel like I was making any progress.  Mostly because the workouts kick your butt every time.  If you’re not giving it 100% each time and then feel drop dead exhausted at the end – you’re not doing them right.  It wasn’t until I got out and hit the pavement that I realized the positive effect it was not only having on my stamina but I noticed my legs never felt this powerful last year.

So why haven’t I been running?  Mostly because I don’t like to run when it’s very cold out – anything below 50 causes discomfort in my lungs so I avoid it.  With this steady diet of damp cold weather we’ve had my opportunities to get out for a run were very limited.  I guess it’s a good argument for a treadmill or a gym membership,  but I know myself well enough and that wouldn’t be money well spent.

But warmer, longer days are on the horizon!  Thankfully….I really want to get back out there, build back up and I am confident I can break the goals I’ve set for the first half of 2013.

Tommy D


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