Sore JointsPlaying golf the other day I hit a particularly nice tee shot on the 17th hole – a 165 yard par 3 – that landed softly on the green.  Now that in and of itself is a rare accomplishment and possible worthy of its own post but not the subject of this one. Continue Reading…

No Power!

March 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

No PowerYet another winter is coming to a close here in North Carolina and while it does not compare to the winters when I was younger back in Syracuse – the last two months have been challenging for the Tar Heel state. For the most part that means no school for kids at the slightest threat of inclement weather and depending on where you live it can mean a loss of power.

Today we had a fairly debilitating ice storm.  Around where I live it did not actually cause issues with our roads but it coated every limb and every remaining leaf still on the trees.  Which as you can imagine can lead to only one thing…power outages. Continue Reading…


March 6, 2014 — 1 Comment

SammichesI love a good sandwich.

Go anywhere and I’m sure you can find all kinds of delicious and delectable creations between two slices of all kinds of bread.  Call it a hoagie or a hero, a cheese steak or a sub, a wrap or a club or pretty much whatever you want to call it, but if you put anything between two slices of bread – you got yourself a sandwich.

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Challenging Myself

March 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

Challenge MyselfThe last year of my life I labeled “The year of Tom!” (cue Seinfeld reference). It was my 44th year – which all die-hard Syracuse fans understand is a meaningful number – and that spurred me to expect great things and make “The year of Tom!” the best one yet. Looking back – my 44th year was incredible.
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NOTICE: If you care to debate I am happy to carry on an informed civil discussion on the topic of the Affordable Care Act…but I will not engage in mud-slinging, name calling or any outright nasty hatred here….take it to your Facebook wall if that is your bent.

So these are just the facts as I now understand them for me personally.  You may have found different results (and I’d love to compare) but most I have talked to are seeing similar results. Continue Reading…